DIRFloortime® Therapy now offered in Chicago

All Bright Therapies has always believed in the power of play. This winter we strengthened our commitment to play based therapy by training our entire staff in DIRFloortime and having two of our therapists become certified.

For children with autism, there are several regularly prescribed therapies.
Children are often recommend to receive speech therapy, occupational therapy
and ABA; however there is another therapy approach that is often over looked.
DIR Floortime is a relationship based therapy
program, which uses affect to move a child through developmental levels. Floortime is a relationship based approach to therapy. It is a strength based
model in which parents are the cornerstone of  treatment and which believes that
affect charged relationships are essential for a child’s development.

Affect is the emotional component of behavior.
By using affect charged relationships, we can help a child to improve their….

  1. Regulation
  2. Creating connections between different
    developmental domains
  3. It drives the development of  functional
    adaptive responses

DIRFloortime Therapy Programs:

  • A specific intervention that embodies a
    relationship-centered philosophy
  • Numerous intensive, one-on-one sessions of
    deliberate play, each lasting 20-30
    minutes or more, 6-8 sessions/day
  • Particular principles and ways of being with
    a child to maintain engagement and
    foster development
  • Families can also do floortime all the time.


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