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Welcome to All Bright Therapies!

Trusted by parents and doctors to provide speech therapy and occupational therapy in the Chicago area, we have helped thousands of children achieve remarkable, life-changing results. Our speech pathologists and occupational therapists are experienced, highly trained and dedicated to helping children reach their potential. Our eclectic approach allows us to be child-centered, tailoring therapy to meet each child’s individual needs. We believe parents are a child’s first and best teacher and we value their participation in the therapy process. Ours services include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. We offer initial evaluations and ongoing therapy in one-on-one sessions and small groups. Therapy sessions may occur at our clinic or at a child’s home/daycare setting.

What Parents are Saying...

  • Michael, age 4
    “He is now in preschool and his confidence and vocabulary and social skills are amazing. His teachers are shocked to learn he ever had a delay or struggle. The sounds he doesn’t have yet are completely age appropriate and he is willing to work on them because of the groundwork that Amanda set.”

  • Helena, age 6
    “Kate has been a fantastic occupational therapist, helping Nell develop her strength, posture, small motor precision, and, very importantly, her confidence. She is now helping her begin to prepare for kindergarten, and at a recent school event I realized that there are things Nell can do—dexterity, drawing, etc—that are well in the normal range in her pre-K class, ahead of some of the others. This is a huge source of relief and encouragement to us.”

  • Calvin and Connor, age 4
    “The student/teacher ratio in the group class is incredible and allows for a wonderful learning atmosphere. The teachers were patient and the classes were structured very well. I never thought my children would sit still for that long but they did great. The ability to be able to watch the classes from the video feed was tremendous. It really allowed for the ability to see the kids interact with others and not rely on the parents.”

  • Diego, age 3
    Diego was first taken to All Bright Therapies due to delays in his speech and fine/gross motor development. Within a month of starting his speech therapy with Joni, he was signing many words, which helped tremendously in communicating with him. Eventually, he began imitating many words and sounds he learned at his speech therapy sessions. Going to All Bright helped Diego in ways we will always be grateful for. And the staff is just wonderful! Very professional and truly caring for the children they help.”

  • Lucy, age 3
    “When Lucy first began working with Amanda she had very few words and the focus of therapy was to practice making sounds. Lucy went from having no sounds to speaking in complete clear sentences in a little over a year. When Lucy first began working with Amanda, we had concerns that we would not be able to enroll her in preschool when she turned 3. Lucy ended up starting preschool on time and has adjusted very well to the new environment. She is able to communicate with her peers and has made many friends.”

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