Michael, age 4

“He is now in preschool and his confidence and vocabulary and social skills are amazing. His teachers are shocked to learn he ever had a delay or struggle. The sounds he doesn’t have yet are completely age appropriate and he is willing to work on them because of the groundwork that Amanda set.”

Helena, age 6

“Kate has been a fantastic occupational therapist, helping Nell develop her strength, posture, small motor precision, and, very importantly, her confidence. She is now helping her begin to prepare for kindergarten, and at a recent school event I realized that there are things Nell can do—dexterity, drawing, etc—that are well in the normal range in her pre-K class, ahead of some of the others. This is a huge source of relief and encouragement to us.”

Calvin and Connor, age 4

“The student/teacher ratio in the group class is incredible and allows for a wonderful learning atmosphere. The teachers were patient and the classes were structured very well. I never thought my children would sit still for that long but they did great. The ability to be able to watch the classes from the video feed was tremendous. It really allowed for the ability to see the kids interact with others and not rely on the parents.”

Diego, age 3

“Diego was first taken to All Bright Therapies due to delays in his speech and fine/gross motor development. Within a month of starting his speech therapy with Joni, he was signing many words, which helped tremendously in communicating with him.
Eventually, he began imitating many words and sounds he learned at his speech therapy sessions. And he only kept improving from there. Every week, he would pick up new words or phrases. By the time he turned 3 and left All Bright, he was speaking in sentences and no longer delayed in his speech development. Likewise with his fine/gross motor skills, he was having some issues in this area and Kate, his OT, worked so well with him that he was all caught up by the time he turned 3. Going to All Bright helped Diego in ways we will always be grateful for. And the staff is just wonderful! Very professional and truly caring for the children they help.”

Lucy, age 3

“When Lucy first began working with Amanda she had very few words and the focus of therapy was to practice making sounds. Lucy went from having no sounds to speaking in complete clear sentences in a little over a year. When Lucy first began working with Amanda, we had concerns that we would not be able to enroll her in preschool when she turned 3. Lucy ended up starting preschool on time and has adjusted very well to the new environment. She is able to communicate with her peers and has made many friends.”

Gavin, age 3

Gavin’s family initially became concerned with his mealtime difficulties after being on a nasogastric feeding tube for 6 months due to a severe case of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EE). Gavin struggled immensely with returning to eating food. As Gavin’s diet had been restricted for so long, he really needed to relearn how to eat at only 2+ years old. He was really struggling with “trusting” foods again. His decreased willingness to eat period, never mind any sort of variety or “new” foods, caused the family to reach out for help. Home-based feeding therapy was recommended 1x/week and Gavin now participates in weekly group feeding therapy sessions also. Gavin’s mother now reports that “therapy has definitely helped Gavin become a better eater, no question. He is now thriving and happy on a “normal” diet. That said, as with anything it is a process and we are still very much in the thick of things with much opportunity for improvement.” As a parent of a child struggling with eating difficulties, Gavin’s mother’s advice to other parents is “Act now. Reach out and get advice, help, etc. This is your child’s health and happiness and something they will deal with multiple times a day for every day of their life so it is important that it be a positive experience.”

Romeo, age 3

Romeo was not speaking at all and had less than 20 words when he started at Albright Therapies. He attended speech therapy twice a week for over a year. He benefited greatly from working with 2 great therapists. Amanda who was patient and kind and with a child of her own had a great connection with Romeo and was able to draw out of him responses and make the ‘work’ he needed to do both fun and something he looked forward to. When Michael took over Romeo was a little further on his speech and was able to interact more with Michael and referenced the things what he was learning with Michael frequently at home.

Ethan, age 4

“I can’t say enough about Amanda, my child absolutely loves her! My son was born tongue tied and after a minor surgery he needed speech therapy not only for speech but to help with learning the actual movement of his now “free” tongue. I was referred to All Bright Therapies from a coworker in January of 2014 and it has been the best service I’ve had by far! Amanda enjoys working with my child and is overly patient with an at times very hyper little boy :). She always know how to change up the activity and keep him focused. She always finds positive things to share with me about my child and sends home activities or give advice on how I can help build on at home. He has come a very long way in not a very long time due to her professional, yet caring manner of teaching! I would recommend her and All Bright Therapies to anyone needing professional, caring and excellent service!”